September 1, 2004

Scary bloggy proposition.

So Nina's cooking dinner tomorrow for Tonya and Jeremy and me, and I broached the subject "we're not bringing computers and simulblogging the convention, are we?"

Nina responds, "There are few limits as to what you can/ can't do once you arrive! I do have wireless, though very basic cable. We could take a pause for THE speech if people are so inclined."

Then both Jeremy and I respond, each before seeing the other's response, that we ought to just all four of us simulblog the dinner too. I add, Nixon-like, "but it would be wrong." But Jeremy's all: "OMG! Four person simultaneous co-present political simulblogging! Although I think we should blog throughout dinner as well. We've never had this kind of wireless possibility before."

No word from Tonya yet, but perhaps she'll stake out the you-people-are-all-crazy position.

Meanwhile, I rue the lack of a webcam to project the bizarre excess of bloggery, and Jeremy notes that we can take digital photos and post them. I think we've all posted photos of half-eaten food before.

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