September 18, 2004

Dealing with the NYT poll.

Kausfiles has some good analysis of Adam Nagourney's Kerry-favoring reporting of the NYT/CBS poll that appears on the front page of the NYT today. Thanks to Kaus, I'm paying some attention to the language I'd just skimmed over, and it really is quite comical how every line of the report is couched in terms of Kerry's struggle, which the reader--it seems--is presumed to share ("Senator John Kerry faces substantial obstacles...").

Clicking through some of the extra materials available at the Times website, linked above, I noticed 89% of the people polled said they "will definitely vote," so we know right there that a good bunch of these folks are liars. Or as Nagourney might say, John Kerry can take some solace in the fact that the persons polled where lying at least some of the time.

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