August 3, 2004

Drudge's siren light.

Drudge is toying with our emotions today by using his rotating siren light to alarm us about the fact that Bush and Kerry have campaign stops today in the same town.

I have to admit that I check Drudge a lot, and I'm sure the old siren light is part of the reason I do. I've developed a sense that the look of the news is the look of Drudge's page. I realize that's a bit absurd, but I can't shake the feeling!

Oh, he's just taken the siren light down. It wasn't up for long. I guess he got some instant feedback about how idiotic it was.

UPDATE: At the moment, the site has a photo of Kerry right next to a photo of Bush. Kerry, wearing sneakers, is standing on a boat deck and the wind is causing his loose clothing to billow comically. Bush, wearing a neat, dark suit and a blue tie, is striding purposefully in front a marble pillar and an American flag. I think we can safely guess which candidate Drudge prefers.


Mercifurious said...

you mean this light?

I managed to swipe drudge's siren here... . I often use it when the GOP/FNC use their fear cards

jake lee said...

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