July 8, 2004

Where is Bush?

John (my son) sends me a link to this National Review editorial with the message "NR agrees with you ... Read the last paragraph." The editorial is mostly about Kerry's VP choice ("Edwards brings real strengths to the Democratic ticket. He is an attractive figure. Voters seem to respond to youth, energy, and good looks"). I see that NR agrees with a point I blogged yesterday; they write:
Republicans will be tempted to make an issue of Edwards's background as a trial lawyer. They should not overestimate the extent to which the public at large shares their dislike of trial lawyers. They make their money, after all, by telling sympathetic stories that win over ordinary people.

But that last paragraph John points me to is this:
Bush and Cheney have shown some lassitude this year. They should get their campaign started. The spur of competition might do them some good, too.

I haven't blogged this opinion of mine yet, but yesterday, I was saying to John that I don't think Bush is really trying to win the election. Where is he? Is he fighting at all? I was seriously speculating last night that Bush doesn't want a second term, that he's tired and thinks he's done enough. He's done so much in one term, and history will judge him on how well the events he's set in motion play out. It's as if he's thinking: I've already done two terms worth. I got my work done fast. Can I go home early?

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