July 10, 2004

What we're wondering about today.

Jeremy focuses attention on the pressing question whether Lambuel is a hoax. (Here and here.) Lambuel is such a sweetly drawn Christian lamb in a turtleck sweater that one resists the thought that the person who drew him was insincere. But elsewhere on the website, you see a Baby Jesus cartoon that was obviously drawn by someone who harbored ill feelings toward Christianity. And when that Baby Jesus finds his way here, as Jeremy notes, you've got to admit that Lambuel means only to mock. You can also tell it's a sham from the "children's drawings" section: you can always detect an adult's attempt to draw like a child. For some reason, it never looks right. I note that if you Google "lambuel hoax," Jeremy comes up third. A question I have is whether the comedians who put up this website were hoping only to entertain adults by satirizing the way religious belief is induced in children or whether they wanted to trick the kids who will surely find their way here.

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