July 19, 2004

Walking to work for a change.

Usually, I drive my car to work, even though the trip is only a bit over a mile. I can drive in and make it from the door of my house to the door of my office in less than ten minutes. But most of the time that I've lived in Madison I made it my practice to walk to work. I used to walk in no matter what the weather was. If it was more than five below zero, I would wrap a scarf over my mouth and nose, and it was a bit of an adventure, but that was my mode of transportation. I walked! The hardest part about it was that walking home, I was usually terribly hungry. But in the last few years, I've been buying a parking space in Grainger Hall (the UW Business School, across the street from the Law School), and as a result, I rarely walk in (though I like to take a walk up State Street at lunchtime). Today, Chris needed the car at eleven, so I walked in. It was a cool morning, in the mid-sixties, and the walk in reminded me of all the beauty I miss by driving. I stopped at the Allen Centenniel Garden, which is on the way, and saw these things:

I left the garden (it started to rain a little) and walked up to the overlook for a long view of Lake Mendota.

I continued up Observatory and over Bascom Hill, where, about to make the final descent to the Law School building (which is just called the Law School building, but may some day, like the Business School, bear the name of a beloved donor), I saw the elegant seated Lincoln, presiding over the beautiful, beloved hill:

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