July 25, 2004

The upside of 4 a.m.

The NY Times is here. It even seems a bit exciting to go outside and pick it up. (What if I accidentally lock myself out?) And Cliff's tee time is 7:14, and it takes at least an hour and a half to drive to Milwaukee. So there's time to have some coffee, even some eggs, and to read the paper (in part), before setting out and driving into the sunrise. There's time to blog and check the Sitemeter reports. I got a nice Instapundit link yesterday. Ordinarily, it seems as though almost no one reads blogs over the weekend. But get an Instapundit link, and you soon find out there are tons of people reading on the weekend. I see people are up right now and blog-reading--15 people are reading as I write this. Hi, 15 people! But they aren't necessarily reading at 4 a.m. They could be anywhere.

Bonus observation: it's halfway to Christmas.

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