July 18, 2004

Sunday morning Madison profblogs.

Jeremy's trying to round up lefties who don't like Barbara Ehrenreich's NYT op-eds.

Nina bought a bunch of blueberries and baked them into a beautiful tart and then dropped it on the floor--pictures here.

Gordon is seriously into the Tour de France.

Tonya's talking about Prince and how the tickets to the big Chicago show say "Wear purple," but "Nobody wears purple anymore." I'm reading this as I'm dressed from head to toe in purple! No, I don't have my shoes on yet.

And me, my "Change the federal marshals' dress code?" post from yesterday got a nice Instapundit link this morning. The post reads in its entirety: "ANN ALTHOUSE is striking fear into terrorists." Yeah! Fear my blouse!!!

Well, as link-clickers flow over here, I'm going to put on my purple suede sandals and head out into the cool July sunshine to find my way to a nice café for a little bout of exam grading.

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