July 4, 2004

"Purple Rain."

For tonight's movie, may I suggest "Purple Rain"? It was twenty years ago today. Prince celebrated the occasion with a five-hour music extravanganza:
The show started out on a bizarre note -- Prince, onstage in a disguise of a straight-haired wig, hat and beard, playing the guitar on inline stakes as relatively unknown performers danced or sang around him.

Least obscure of the obscure: Graham, formerly of Sly and the Family Stone and Graham Central Station. Uh-oh ... it may be time to drop by Amazon again. What to add to reach the free shipping level? "Purple Rain"? No. The reason the answer is no is the reason I don't already have it: the crappy DVD isn't widescreen! Come on! How about a re-issue with widescreen ... and lots of extras? That's got to be in the offing.

UPDATE: "Inline stakes" is the Times's typo. If Rollerblade hadn't been so fussy about its trademark, that never would have happened.

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