July 21, 2004

Off to a slow start.

I'm doing a presentation to the faculty today about two Supreme Court cases (Newdow and Locke--the Pledge of Allegiance case and the case about denying a student a scholarship because he was majoring in theology.) The talk is at noon, and I'd like to pull my notes together in my office. But as I was sitting at the dining table this morning reading the NYT, it started to get quite dark. A storm was threatening, so I figured I'd wait it out. Well, it's been threatening for over an hour. Where the hell is it? Should I just dart out and get to my office? As noted two days ago, it only takes me ten minutes to get to my office. This waiting-out-the-storm thing is getting a little annoying. In the time I am taking to write this, I could be halfway to my office. And see: still no storm. A little rumbling in the distance. I'm probably timing this to insure that I will get soaked crossing the street to the Beloved Donor Law Building, but I think I've got to at along last take the big risk. I will report back on the extent of my drenching. If I don't, you may assume I've been struck by lightning.

UPDATE: Lightning bolts successfully dodged. I live to blog again, only slightly dampened.

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