July 20, 2004

Martha Stewart on Larry King.

Just watched the episode. Here's the transcript.

Comment that made me think it would be good to go to prison:
KING: Have you spoken to Sam Waksal, by the way, at all? ... How's he doing?

STEWART: He seems to be OK. He said he's read 180 books and he's learned Italian.
The belief in research:
KING: Do you have thoughts as to how you might be treated [in prison]?

STEWART: No, not yet. I think I have to do some research.

KING: Which, knowing you, you will. You'll...

STEWART: Well, you have to. I mean, it would be silly not to don't you think
Stewart's book idea:
I think I'll write a book. Because, I think it could be helpful to other people, just about -- just about what lawyer to choose, how to behave, how to attend an interview. I mean there's things that, you know, there's no how-to book about this.

KING: No, there ain't.

STEWART: There isn't. Not that, you know, it's going to be a big bestseller. But for anybody who has to go through this process, there should be some guidelines. Because, guidelines would help.
Taking comfort where you can get it:
Donald Trump has been ... a very nice source of comfort for me.

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