July 16, 2004

In love and litigious.

The AP reports from Bucharest:
Sandu Gurguiatu first sued for money. Then he sued for love.

The love-struck Romanian took his company to court four years ago for what he said was unfair dismissal. But after setting eyes on Judge Elena Lala, he sued his employers and others dozens of times - just to see her.

"I fell madly in love with her and when I found out she was married, I didn't know how I would manage to see her .... The only way was to see her in the courtroom, so I looked in the law book and came up with all kinds of excuses." ...

Gurguiatu lost his first suit. But he won some subsequent ones against other companies - including the right to have two towels and enough soap to wash up at work.
I kind of suspect this of being a made-up story, but it is amusing. Who knew you had a legal right to two towels in Rumania?

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