July 15, 2004

Exam proctoring follies.

My summer Conlaw class had its exam today. I managed to do the most ridiculous thing I've ever done while proctoring. Students hand in the bluebooks in which they've written their answers and often hand back extra bluebooks which they took but then didn't use. I put the written bluebooks and the unused bluebooks in separate piles. Sometimes there's a bluebook that wasn't used for writing an answer but has the student's exam number written on the front. This bluebook has got to be thrown out, so my way of identifying it is immediately to tear it in half. Today, one student handed in two bluebooks, one of which was unused and both of which had exam numbers written on the front. I immediately ripped one in half only to realize I'd just ripped his exam in half!

At least some laughs were had, and the student did not appear to be too horrified. Now it's out into the cool July sunshine in search of a tall latte and a sandwich. I'll take my bag filled with 15 bluebooks (one neatly taped).

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