July 29, 2004

10 conventionisms I'm tired of.

1. Repetitions of the phrase "health care."

2. Assertions that John Kerry is just now introducing himself to the American people. (This one fills me with a curious mix of ennui and outrage.)

3. "Swift boats."

4. References to the presence of bloggers at the Convention (as opposed to links to great blog posts from the Convention).

5. Explanations of what a blog is: "Blogs are akin to wire services that provide updated news on the fly, though blogs are more opinionated and snarky -- a term so beloved by bloggers ...." (Bloggers love the term "snarky"? Ugh!)

6. Fussing over whether Teresa Heinz Kerry is sufficiently performing her function of imparting warmth to John Kerry.

7. "Hope."

8. "Optimism."

9. References to qualities supposedly possessed by John Kerry (e.g., "thoughtfulness") that are obviously intended as a way to assert that the opposite quality is possessed by George Bush.

10. "Emma Claire."

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