June 25, 2004

What we might find funny.

The Black Table (via Throwing Things) has a nice "entirely subjective list of major influences to what We Find Funny." The first thing on the list is "Bill Cosby, Himself" and the description was enough to make me go over to Amazon and pre-order the DVD (to be released in August). Amazon tells me "Customers who shopped for Bill Cosby, Himself also shopped for": The Passion of the Christ, Kill Bill Volume 2, and Hellboy ("a moodily effective, consistently entertaining action-packed fantasy, beginning in 1944 when the mad monk Rasputin--in cahoots with occult-buff Hitler and his Nazi thugs--opens a transdimensional portal through which a baby demon emerges, capable of destroying the world with his powers"). Who are these customers?

UPDATE: When I wrote this originally, I thought it was absurd that anyone could be interested in all four of these DVDs. (Of course, I knew Amazon wasn't claiming the same person was interested in all four.) The weird thing is, now that I've written that, I realize that I am interested in all four movies. Regular readers may attempt to guess which of the four movies I went to see as soon as it came out. The other three, I've never seen. Answer: here.

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