June 23, 2004

Three signs.

Today started out lively with a two-hour class about the political question doctrine--with a room assignment screw-up to cut the seriousness of it all at midpoint. Then things got dreary as I spent the next three hours looking for some old letters that could either be in any one of the many places in my office where I engage in my real world paper filing practices (piling things on horizontal surfaces) or in one of the several computers in my office. I did find some of what I was looking for and got two side benefits: 1. my office became incredibly neat, and 2. our tech guy hooked my second-newest desktop unit, whose monitor had died, to my newest desktop. It's now easy to reach back into the documents and emails of the years 1999-2002 that didn't seem important enough to transfer to my newest computer when I first set it up. It's a little like going up into the attic and rooting around in the papers up there.

(Actually, I haven't gone into my attic in many years, even though all it takes is opening a door and walking up an ordinary staircase. I used to find a bat flying around my house from time to time. The insane hijinks that took place when we used to try to capture one of these creatures would take several pages to describe. Let's just say rabies shots were involved! Finally, I had a bat guy--a bat man--out to the house to solve the problem, which he did. I came to understand that the attic was the source of the problem, and I haven't gone up there since, even though there aren't any bats up there anymore.)

But the point is: I haven't found today very conducive to blogging, so let me photoblog. Here are three signs: a paper poster (for Cinematheque--the UW's film series), a classic neon bar sign, and a nice example of the home-style painted-on type.

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