June 27, 2004

Searching "torture."

Looking for the URL for the article linked in the previous post ("Defining Torture: Russian Roulette, Yes. Mind-Altering Drugs, Maybe"), I searched today's NYT using just the word "torture" and found 15 articles, sadly. I took some solace at the first headline: "CIA Reportedly Halts Use of Harsh Interrogation Ploys." I click on it and see:
The CIA has stopped using interrogation techniques such as "stress positions," sleep deprivation and denial of pain medication while the Bush administration reviews their legality, The Washington Post said Sunday.

"The whole thing's been stopped until we can sort out whether we are sure we are on legal ground," the Post quoted a former senior CIA official as saying.

I don't think the law relating to torture is like a speed limit. It's not enough to follow the law. There is still a question of morality and humanity. Attempts to show that various inhumane practices are technically legal will be met by the hoots of outrage they deserve.

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