June 13, 2004

"Overconfident Beverage."

Oh, I see I've gone a week without posting any pictures, after all of those pictures last week. I was overwhelmed by visuals on my trip to New York, and now maybe Madison seems unremarkable. Tonya's Italy pictures (linked earlier today) really remind me how much traveling with a camera creates a state of high visual awareness. I will need to take some of my little car trips to small Wisconsin towns to reawaken myself. Or maybe I just need to walk in my usual places with my camera in my hand and just start seeing again. Today, when I walked from my office to the café, I fell back on my old practice of reading while walking, which is really a bit ridiculous ... and dangerous. There's some potential for unforgettable shame (more than once I've looked up, relying on my imagined radar, and seen a blind person with a cane coming toward me). Anyway, let me break the picture drought by posting one of the NY pictures I set aside last week. I call this one "Overconfident Beverage":

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