June 10, 2004

"Now that skulls are getting more mainstream...

"... the ones I'm buying are getting creepier and creepier." I found that quote pretty interesting. Where does it appear and who said it? It appears in this month's Lucky magazine and is said by the magazine's creative director (referring to her favorite jewelry pattern). Lucky is a completely mainstream fashion magazine, in case you don't know. The lead cover story, for example, is the thoroughly banal "Thick Lashes: Make Your Eyes Look Huge." But fashion magazines season their crushing banality with their special kind of insanity. The most ordinary products--a handbag, a pair of shoes--are labeled "Our Obsessions." Lucky's fashion director explains how she feels about buying camisoles like this: "I'm powerless against the allure of anything little and strappy and lacy."

I would like to see a movie about a fashion magazine in which the editors actually had the feelings that the pages of the magazine portray them as having. The closest thing we have to that is the wonderful "Absolutely Fabulous." To a lesser extent, "Sex and the City" brings to life the surreal, imaginary people portrayed in fashion magazines.

(And check out the winners of the Ab Fab lookalike contest.)

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