May 26, 2004

Why I want Kerry to pick John McCain for VP.

I keep thinking the old Joni Mitchell song "Carey"--listen here--and can see it would be easy to take the lyrics and do a song parody replacing "Carey get out your cane" with "Kerry and John McCain." And after Kerry's uncharitable crack when Bush fell off his bike, you could just keep that line "Oh, you're a mean old daddy, but I like you." Feel free to use the comments page with other suggestions for "Carey" to "Kerry" parodizing.


Chan S. said...

Hey, Kerry Man, what's your game now, can anybody play? (or are we supposed to stick to the Joni Mitchell song? If so, partial credit for Joni Mitchell having dated Graham Nash?)

Ann Althouse said...

Very funny! Thanks for the laugh! I'm an old Hollies fan and well remember when Joni's exploits were hot news.