May 10, 2004

Who is going to kill Tony Soprano?

I read last night's episode of The Sopranos as foreshadowing Tony Soprano's death at the end of this season, the last season. The real question is who will kill him, and several characters (and entities) have been set on a path that seems to lead to their being the killer.

I tried a poll here, but it behaved badly, causing a big, annoying space that I couldn't eradicate, so I'll just list the potential killers.
Johnny Sack
al Qaeda
the FBI

Sorry to end the polling fun ... but some people don't like blog polls anyway. There seems to be a glitch in the revamped Blogger, that is not handling polls well. Too bad. I like them.


Anonymous said...

There is one more season after this. Hello!?!?

Ann Althouse said...

You're right. They did add another season at some point. Sorry. Doesn't mean Tony can't die at the end of this one though. Isn't Gandolfini always complaining about his salary? And didn't Marlon Brando die in the end of Godfather I?

Don said...

A Tony will die, but it is Tony B, likely at the hands of Tony S himself. So the boss kills a part of himself that he associates with his own sense of guilt, failure, self-doubt. The question for me is how will Tony S emerge heading into the next (and likely final) season? Will this killing cause him to shed those qualities and step forward and a confidence and force that is bad news for Johnny et al? Or will it plunge him into a self-loathing that makes him exceedingly vulnerable?

Italian12 said...

i just watched the first episode of the new sopranos and tony got shot by uncle june... will he die? i know he will end up dead in the end of the sopranos. but will he survive the gun shot he just receved?

Steve said...

Malfoy will try, but wimp out, leaving the dirty work of killing Tony to Severus Snape.

---Steve the LLamabutcher