May 6, 2004

The TiVo dialogue. has the transcript of Colin Powell on Larry King from the other day. I just read the part about TiVo (which Throwing Things linked to). I love Larry King transcripts, because Larry has his own special way of talking that just seems so funny transcribed. And he seems like a bit of an idiot (doesn't know the word "Luddite") and a bit nutty (afraid of email). King views push-button phones as new technology: they came out in the 60s!
KING: Is it true -- I learned from sources, that you are a technocrat, that you like TiVo, that you like all of these -- you like it.

POWELL: Yes. I like TiVo, I like computers.

KING: Why?

POWELL: Because it makes work easier for me. It speeds up communicating with people. ... And I understand that you are an absolute Luddite.

KING: What's a Luddite?

POWELL: Nevermind.

KING: Sounds like some division of my faith. I'm a Luddite. No, I don't ...

POWELL: You don't do any of this stuff.

KING: I don't like computers, I don't ...

POWELL: How can you not like computers?

KING: I don't like e-mail. Because it's scary. Do you like cell phones?

POWELL: Yes. Cell phones, e-mail, TiVo ...

KING: Push-button phones.

POWELL: TiVo would change your whole way of viewing television.

KING: My wife likes it.

POWELL: Yes. We don't want to get into product endorsement here.

KING: Well, the ability to tape without tape.

POWELL: Yes, right. Right.

KING: So, you do that a lot.

POWELL: Do that a lot.


POWELL: Yes, Larry, every night.

Aw, that's sweet. I wonder what TiVo "season passes" Powell has and what "wish lists." I was asked today what I used my TiVo for if I don't care about sitcoms. Reality shows? Not really. I watched "The Apprentice," and "American Idol" is different, but I don't watch any of those dating shows (everyone's boring!) and I don't watch "Survivor" (I watched the first season until the episode where there was a long contest to see who could stand on a stump longest: how is that entertainment?). I TiVo "Meet the Press" and "The Daily Show" and Letterman (so I can watch the part between the monologue and the first guest) and Conan and some other things that I usually don't watch (news and talk and non-sitcom comedy). I TiVo "Joan of Arcadia," but I've just about had it with God telling Joan to start something new (get a job in the bookstore, join the band, join the chess club, become a babysitter, join the yearbook, learn the piano, build a boat). Is that what God wants, shallow club-joining? Anyway, lately I've enjoyed HBO-on-demand more than TiVo. It's basically TiVo but out there somewhere, with all HBO. But what does Colin Powell TiVo? Probably a lot of C-Span. Maybe the History channel. Probably sports. Maybe he watches old movies with his wife.