May 9, 2004

The new Blogger.

Wow, Blogger just suddenly redid all sorts of things. Do I dare spring for one of its new templates, after all the effort I've put into tweaking the old Bluebird template into this thing I've got which might perhaps be called Yellowbird? I've long disfavored white letters on dark, but I can't help thinking the photographs would look nice on black. So okay, I think I'm going to spring for it. Don't think you've come to the wrong place. So this is the end of Yellow.

UPDATE: Well, that was a bit harrowing. Now, you can see, I haven't gone to black, I've gone to stark, raving white. And it's not one of the new templates, it's actually one of the old templates, though not the old one I had been using. I tried the exciting new black one, but the sidebar was too wide and just overlapped with my photographs. That had to go. Now, I don't really have a sidebar anymore. And I've lost my whole blogroll, unfortunately. I'll have to figure out how to redo a sidebar. If I could just figure out how to narrow the sidebar so it doesn't encroach on the photographs. I'll have to leave that until tomorrow (or later). Enough tech-y excitement for the night. What hurt the most was ousting the old Sitemeter, but I've restored at least that.

FURTHER UPDATE: In the end, I used one of the new templates, so it does have a sidebar and it doesn't overlap with the photographs. This very plain template is called Tekka, and the fanciest thing about it seems to be an interest in dotted lines. There's that big vertical dotted line over there, and when you point at a link it gets a cute red dotted line underneath.

YET MORE: As Sarah points out, Tekka is one of the old templates. Last night I made it all gray, and in an html feat I'm pretty proud of, because I'm always just feeling my way around and guessing, I narrowed the sidebar to make room for full-size photographs. I considered putting the picture back--note that the new Blogger is pushing people toward including photographs--but that would require doing it in black and white, and it looked too grim.

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