May 21, 2004

Madison on a bicycle racing day.

State Street was blocked off today for USCF national championship racing.

Strangely makeshift safety was provided by duct taping old mattresses to various poles and things that bicyclists might slam into. Nobody slammed into anything, but the mattresses made you keep thinking about it.


Some nice street musicians were playing:


And they were encouraging generosity with an image of Gandhi:


Surrealism was visible, surrealistically, through door glass:


More cheerful artistic manifestations could be seen:


And one rock idol from the past advertised her upcoming visit, loomed over by the neon image of another rock idol from the past whom we will forever miss.


1 comment:

Rodney Olsen said...

As a cycling fan I've got to say that those mattresses are extremely funny. I've never seen anything like that at a bike race before.

Thanks for all the pics.