May 5, 2004

Interesting Wisconsin poll results.

The Capital Times reports its survey of 511 Wisconsin residents taken between April 21 and 28:
Fifty percent of those polled last month said the president's overall performance was either excellent or good, compared to 46 percent in March....

[A] majority of Wisconsin residents continues to believe Bush's justification for the war in Iraq - to deprive Saddam Hussein of so-called weapons of mass destruction - and to believe that those weapons haven't been found because the Iraqis hid them.

And, despite a barrage of news coverage suggesting the president wanted to invade Iraq for reasons other than those weapons, 76 percent said they thought Bush actually believed the weapons were there.

Typical Kerry campaign explanation (from George Twigg the Wisconsin campaign manager): "This is what happens when the Bush-Cheney campaign machine throws $60 million in TV ads up against us." I guess with all the new Kerry TV ads, they will have to get a different poll result soon or abandon this excuse. No! They'll still say they've been outspent.