May 19, 2004

I'm seriously considering

deleting my auxiliary blog, House of Althouse. For one thing, the free copy of iBlog I downloaded from is telling me it has expired and now I need to buy it. I don't remember it being offered as a temporary thing. I could buy it, it's only $20, but this is giving me a chance to look back on my little experiment and think about whether I want to continue it. The main point of having the other blog was to experiment with iBlog, and I used my most frivolous material for that experiment. With iBlog, the entries appear on an internal page, so one feels freer to write a long entry. I like some of those entries, like The Mystery of the Saucer and the discussion of the spelling of my first name, which I never would have written that way over here. (I could have used the material, but it would have been much shorter.) On the other hand, I felt some pressure to toss an idea over there every day so it would remain fresh, and I don't really need any more feelings of obligation. Also, Blogger did that big update--though that didn't really change anything significant for me. But iBlog isn't all that much more convenient to use. So I'm leaning toward not buying iBlog and allowing the fall of the House of Althouse.

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