May 25, 2004

Help Jeremy

buy a platform bed. And marvel at the power of seven, as each bed is named according to one of the seven dwarves and one of the seven deadly sins. (I voted for Grumpy Confirmation, because I'm a sucker for furniture that I think would help me do more reading.)

UPDATE: As Jeremy notes in the comments, that should have been "sacraments." Hmmm.... what does that say about me?

FURTHER UPDATE: And I had the wrong link ... to the photo from the top of the previous post, an apparent bed of ferns! You know, Nina has commented that I "never" post at night. I think this may show why!


jeremy said...

Sins? The seven sacraments are supposed to wash away sins, or something like that. Some good dwarf/deadly sin combos would be "Grumpy Gluttony" and "Sleepy Sloth." (I've been trying to work more alliteration into my weblog ever since your observation of its allure to readers.)

Anonymous said...

And you've linked to a bed of ferns... hmm. Maybe you are suggesting Jeremy sleep al fresco this summer?

Ann Althouse said...

I'm just glad my mistakes are hilarious.

Thanks for the corrections!