May 4, 2004

The grief that last post caused me.

I originally had that counterculture girl story on my other blog--which exists to catch overflow (spittoon-like!), to be more eccentric and frivolous, to hold more photographs, and to experiment using the software iBlog. When I edited the original post to add the Freud material I found that the blogpoll I'd done did not show up on the site. Efforts to edit the post to remove the poll failed: I couldn't get the post open again. It just reacted badly all around to the blogpoll! So I decided to just delete the post altogether and move it here. Horribly, I deleted an entire folder, my "Life in Madison" folder, which was full of photographs and lord knows what. Now, I need to try to reconstruct what I can .... I'm just kicking myself. I did "experiment" with iBlog, and that went badly. I still like iBlog, and like having another blog that proceeds with a different format, with a cover page and various lures to look inside. But that was painful.