May 13, 2004

Getting the oil changed and reading People magazine.

I’m waiting for my car to be serviced, and I check out the new cars. I peer inside one and think, yeah I could enjoy sitting in this space. I look for the price. First, I see $1500 gas guzzler tax. Hmmm…. Oh, here’s the price. Over $75,000. Okay. Well, I wouldn’t have wanted to pay that gas guzzler tax anyway, and now I completely approve of someone else having to pay it. And who the hell do they think they are, driving a gas guzzler?

No Wi-Fi here, so I’m jotting down notes for later blogging. Here’s the new People magazine—all about reality TV. (A typo there led me to think: Yeah, why not have some “realty TV”? And then: I guess we do have whole channels of realty TV.)

Ooh, a picture of baby-Jerry-Seinfeld (Sascha) on page 10.

Page 12: When did Brooke Shields start looking like Joan Cusack?

Page 14: Ben Affleck hugs Jessica Lynch!

Page 20: Gwyneth Paltrow’s bare pregnant belly. Ooh, and she gave up macrobiotics and started eating biscuits for her little biscuit!

Here’s a mini-interview with John Stevens (the American Idol guy, of course—not the Supreme Court Justice): he became good friends with Diana and Jasmine, because the three of them had to do three hours of schooling a day. (Note that the non-school-age contestants have more time to relax/prepare, which could explain Jasmine’s flagging capabilities and should inspire awe for the ever-strengthening force that is Diana.)

Ah … and the pager starts buzzing way too soon. So much for People magazine, and I’m back in my car, listening to the audiobook of “Running With Scissors,” and now I’m back home, blogging.

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