May 17, 2004

Gay marriage message of the day.



Greg said...

The real question to me is, Did the photographer ask the girl to do the dance to get an unbelievably cute and uplifting pic, or just happen to observe the dance and snap a quick pic? The shot doesn't look spontaneous.

Ann Althouse said...

Who can say? I'm sure the child is caught up in the excitement of the day--she's the flower girl. But it's also likely that the photographer said things to her to get her to express joy. Who ever knows where the line is between our true feelings and the expressions we put on for others? You could also say, even if she's excited about a wedding, that doesn't mean gay marriage is generally going to be good for children, considering all the ramifications. But the photograph still makes a powerful argument I think: gay people already have children, and we need to consider the effect on them.