May 17, 2004

Drudge judgment... Kaus judgment.

So the president of the Iraqi Governing Counsel is murdered, the Supreme Court comes down with a series of important cases on the power of Congress, and Drudge thinks the thing to run above the title is the unfortunate picture (with admittedly funny pun) of John Kerry's daughter unwittingly teaching the world's women a lesson in the effect of strong flashbulbs on seemingly opaque fabric. Anyone who thinks she did this on purpose--such as Mickey Kaus--really needs to talk to more women.


lindsey said...

Especially since when you look closely you realize she's wearing white underwear.

Anonymous said...

Right, exactly. I'd thought the same thing. The underwear looked ridiculous. She would have worn either no underwear or black/nude underwear if she thought the dress was see-through. Also, the dress needed to have looked quite opaques when she was getting dressed if white underwear didn't make a visible line that would have made her change to a less noticeable color.

Ann Althouse said...

(And that last one was me. Sorry about the accidental anonymous. (And the typo, which I can't see how to correct on comments.)