May 18, 2004

A collection of Tuesday thoughts.

I stayed away from the law school today. The weather looked a little threatening, and I had some exams to grade at home. I had a 1 o'clock appointment that got me out of the house, and later I went shopping for the perfect reading chair, which I didn't find, and stopped on the way home at the Starbucks on University Avenue, with my bagful of exams. Starbucks had a big sign near the door pushing its summer drinks, but I got a cappucino and picked a comfy chair only to realize they had the fireplace going full blast. It was a bit much. I moved to a cooler nook and graded some exams, then went home, curled up in my home comfy chair and watched American Idol, took a hot bath, and curled up one last time in bed with my laptop, my remote control, and a novel. That was Tuesday!

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