May 26, 2004

The big American Idol revelation.

Why not begin with the national anthem? It is American Idol. And it's at least as momentous as a baseball game. Is this the beginning? Aren't we at least a quarter of the way through? Well, that first quarter was the red carpet pre-show, so that wasn't the show, per se.

"The Impossible Dream"--ah, now the cheese-fest kicks into gear as Diana and Fantasia are joined by Kelly and Ruben. Good lord! Ruben's gained another hundred pounds. We know what his "unreachable goal" is. Words said in my TV room: "I think Kelly's the best." "She's the one I feel the most love for. That's when the show was innocent."

We use TiVo to get through the two hour ordeal and watch an old episode of Will and Grace (a show I've never seen before) to pass the time. It's the episode with Madonna, and I enjoy Madonna's comic performance. Someone needs to get through to her that comedy is her acting place.

Oh, but back to American Idol. We're just whiling away the minutes trying to get to the one second of info that the show tonight exists to reveal ... What are we seeing here? ... I've lost track. A little Kimberly Caldwell.... Some not-quite-so-great Kelly ... Here's Ruben.... Drag out Diana and Fantasia again to wail through crap about dreams and believing. Oh, the horror of it all... no, not horror, just dead-end, relentless cheesiness. Oh, just tell me already! One of these two kids won. Just say it! ... Oh, okay, finally, it's Fantasia. So all's right in the world. Now, go ahead, get the hell out of here, leave me alone for another year. But, then, when you're ready to come back, I'll be right here, your big sucker, ready to go through the whole damn thing again.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the AI update. I absolutely refuse to watch that show and I look forward to your posts about it. I saw one episode and it was so cheesy I felt embarrassed for the contestants. How does anyone get through a whole hour of that show?

Ruben's gained another hundred pounds? Unreachable goal? Oh Ann, I think you're headed into Kerry territory with the training wheels and all. Interestingly, I heard on a radio news program that the police stopped Ruben's touring bus and found marijuana inside. Perhaps it's the munchies.

Rodney Olsen said...

You might have just finished with Idol for a while, but here in Australia we've had your American Idol 3 running (I watched bits and pieces and I'm glad Fantasia won) and we're about to head into Australian Idol 2.

I don't have much interest in seeing the second Australian Idol series at the moment but I'm sure I'll get sucked in again and watch most of it.

Ann Althouse said...

It's nice of you to watch our show when we don't watch yours. I think they deprive us of the other countries' shows because they don't want us to get sick of the show. They let enough time pass so that when it comes back, we idiotically get excited again. I can't imagine taking a double dose of the thing (but then, I'll confess to watching the weird Junior American Idol show last summer).

Anonymous said...

The reason you don't start a cheesy show with the national anthem is because that cheapens the sentiment in the song. The reason you don't force people at a college graduation ceremony to recite the Pledge of Allegiance is that the sentiments are stronger if they are not forced in an assembly. The reason we don't encourage prayer in schools is that it means more if you do it at home or in your heart, not to put on a big display of your godliness or patriotism in public. Are you for the sentiment, or the show?

Ann Althouse said...

Please readjust your sarcasm antenna.

Anonymous said...
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