April 9, 2004

Feminism, the Quentin Tarantino version. This is from a Q&A in Entertainment Weekly (you probably have to be a subscriber, like me, to read the whole thing):
After seeing ''Reservoir Dogs,'' I never would have pegged you for a feminist. But ''Jackie Brown'' and ''Kill Bill'' are female empowerment fests -- and Jackie and the Bride are certainly two of the most multidimensional women ever to be seen in genre films.

I definitely do have a feminist [sensibility]. I almost feel weird about categorizing it as ''feminist.'' Not because I am demonizing the word, but I think it's more of a femininity, an appreciation for women rather than a label. But I mean, it's not hard to figure it out if you think about it. I was raised by a single mom who came from white-trash beginnings. She created a very nice career for herself as an executive -- a legend in her own time in the HMO field. From the very beginning I never considered that there were boundaries, things a woman can and can't do. I had my mom as an example of someone who came from nothing and she was going out to eat in nice restaurants, paying her own way. She had nice s---, she drove a Cadillac Seville, and she was living the life.


toddmacd said...

This article on Tarantino is the exact thing im looking for! I am a student in the uk doing my media studies critical research on the representation of Women within Quentin Tarantino films. This article would be a perfect source of evidence. I cant get hold of it through Entertainment Weekly, any chance you know where i could get the whole thing? Your help would be greatly appreciated.

I see your interested in law, thats what i am studying at university next year!

rosie said...

hi i am in exatly the same position! i was wondering if you could help me find out how to get hold of the whole thing? thankyou

Philzer said...

Ditto, am studying Quentin Tarantion's representation of Women at A2 level @ Wymondham College and am struggling to find info on this subject. Would be greatly appreciated if snyone could send me a copy of 'the whole thing'...Thanks a million

Paulio said...

Hi i am also doing my critical research for A2 media. anyone know where i can get the whole thing.

Robzdabest said...

as with everyone hereit appers i am also doing the common topic of Tarantino women in film for a2 media any articles or help pls forward to uh942278@henleycol.ac.uk and i will give you a cookie
(or maybee not)