April 23, 2004

Beyond the Madison Sexual Health Festival. Well, the Sexual Health Festival wasn't the only thing happening in Library Mall today. The Madhatters were giving an al fresco a cappella performance and drawing a big crowd:

And Ernie & Roger's is back with their giant vat of popcorn, stirred with a big paddle and popped in the open air:

I love the joyous spectacle of dumping the popcorn into a huge copper kettle:

Oh, and ASCAP has a new way to try to get the kids to stop downloading music:

Do you know who you hurt when you download music? A little baby! You bad, bad person!

Ah, guilt! Just the thing to wash away the atmosphere of fun and games generated by the Sexual Health Festival. Once sex was very, very serious, and often involved a lot of guilt. That was not the mode of presentation used for the Sexual Health Festival, which portrayed sex as hilarious. Why was sex more serious when the topic wasn't disease? I don't know, but this downloading music business: it's very serious, people. Something really terrible is going to happen to a baby if you don't cut it out!