March 5, 2004

Mysteries. I'm just beginning to explore the mystery of getting an image to appear on this site. I had thought I couldn't do it, but that U.N. flag gave me hope. Please, St. Teresa, help me:

That picture of St. Teresa is from an article in The Economist about scientists studying the brain activity of nuns, using positron-emission tomography and functional magnetic-resonance imaging, to "identify the brain processes underlying the Unio Mystica—the Christian notion of mystical union with God." The scientists have a hypothesis that this mental state has something in common with out-of-body experiences and even phantom limbs and the capacity of mescaline to "inspire feelings of spirituality or closeness to God" in anyone. If they are right, shouldn't we all be entitled, as a matter of religious freedom, to use mescaline?

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