March 5, 2004

For all you "Omarosa suing" Googlers. Folks, I did a Nexis search and found no articles about Omarosa suing. Here's something to read though. It's a USA Today article about last night's show discussing problems real-world employers would have if they fired people as harshly as Trump does on the show.
USA TODAY expert Earl Stafford, CEO of Unitech, says it's possible to fire people in such a way that, given time, both sides respect each other. Trump says he has fired people in many different ways. "They hate you the next morning and forever after."

He said the firing of Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth in Thursday night's episode was a "vicious deal" and may have led to a lawsuit in real life. "You can never let a lawsuit get in your way of doing what's right."
Don't you think if Omarosa were really suing, USA Today would not have referred to "a lawsuit in real life" like that?

The article goes on to say:
Trump says fired employees have sued him on occasion. "I usually win. If you're willing to take it to the end, juries aren't sympathetic to people who say you destroyed their lives. They'd much prefer somebody go out and get another job."
In another legal development, again according to USA Today, Trump "says he has trademarked the words 'You're fired.'"

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