March 8, 2004

Blue abandonment continues. I see Tonya--inspired by me!--has changed the background color in the Blogspot Bluebird template. She's taken on a nice dark, possibly Harvard-related red. She's got pictures too. Her cartoon taste diverges from mine. (Scroll down here and on Tonya's blog.)

Meanwhile, Nina had a bad HTML experience trying to put up a picture of storks and is now claiming minimal text-only blogging is much better:
Ahhh the svelte black and white sophisticates – stark sumptuousness –all in the word, nothing else, just pure, sensual, cerebral, elegant text.

Since that sounds like sour grapes to me, and since she wanted to post an image of a stork and one of my first images was a fox, here's a link to "The Fox and the Stork."

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