February 7, 2004

Welcome websearchers. A week ago I was deluged with visitors who had searched for American Idol contestant William Hung. This week I've gotten my share of people looking to read/see more about Janet Jackson's breast. (Is the left breast getting jealous? What's so great about her? Why not me?)

The Jackson breast frenzy seemed to be finally tapering off. But now I see some poor soul made his--yeah, I'm going with "his"--way here after searching for "actual nude picture of janet jackson's breast at the superbowl." This site came up number 5 in a list of 15. (Hmmm.... maybe I'm number 1 now that I've told this story....)

The excerpt from this blog given in the search results that sparked a ray of hope sufficient to generate a click to this site was:
.. classic pose of the artistic nude with womb ... of marshalling the evidence, putting Jackson's breast in context, ... shocking than Janet Jackson's Superbowl breast--of the photo of the ...
The poor guy had to find out the the "artistic nude with womb" was a plasticinated cadaver. I hope he recovers from that strange dose of reality and finds his way back to the more widely shared plasticized female fantasy that was our absurd Superbowl halftime.

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