February 10, 2004

That Film Selection Website Again. Nina's peeved about the sleep question on the film selection site:
Let me just say that any survey that seeks to determine my viewing preferences based on an answer (among others) to the question “how long does it take you to fall asleep?” is suspect. If I say 5 hours (and this has been known to happen, though not too often), does that make me sensitive, anxious, brooding, neurotic, prone to picking films from the “film noir” genre? If I say 0 minutes does it mean I need action, thrill, violence, because otherwise I’m likely to zonk out?
The site analyzed me as having the anxious/brooding taste--it suggested Raging Bull and Magnolia. I answered the sleep question: 5 minutes.

Anyway, I went back to the site and did the "mood assessment" for tonight and got:
Requiem for a Dream
The Virgin Suicides
Pi (hated this one by the way)
The Deer Hunter (jeez, I think the website ought to be worried about me at this point!)
Amadeus (apparently as light-hearted as I'm going to get)
Donnie Darko
In the Bedroom

Now I'm going to take my dark, brooding mood and watch "American Idol" with it. (Go Jennifer!)

UPDATE: Jennifer was good, but I'm thinking Diana and Fantasia are going to make it.

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