February 11, 2004

The Lighter Version of My Supposedly Dark Moods. So I asked that "What to Rent" website for something "a lot different" from my usual taste and backed off from the wine-drinking-film-festival mood. Here's what I got:
A Clockwork Orange (sure, I love it; have the DVD)
8 1/2 (love it; have the DVD)
All About My Mother (have the DVD, loved the first 10 minutes, plan to finish some day)
Trainspotting (saw it; it was worth seeing)
Taxi Driver (love it; have the DVD)
Talk to Her (saw it; it was worth seeing)
Full Metal Jacket (have the DVD; excellent film, especially in parts)
Y Tu Mama Tambien (haven't seen it)
Apocalypse Now (have the DVD, but have actually never watched it, even though I've seen the documentary about making it)
This group, which was supposed to be "a lot different" from what I would come up with on my own, is more to my taste than the recommendations that were supposed to be my usual taste. I find it pretty funny that this little device thinks "Taxi Driver" and "Full Metal Jacket" are suitable for my lighter moods!

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