February 10, 2004

Goat, Tiger, Abstention, Restraint. I don't have much to say today for some reason. I woke up far too early this morning--at 4--and listened to "Life of Pi," my sleep aid, for a while, until CD 1 ended. It didn't put me back to sleep, so I just got up too early. Too sad about the goat to sleep, perhaps! I've listened to the part about the sloths many times, and I know the tiger and goat part now, but what is in the middle? I could take all year to just have heard all the sentences on CD 1 (out of 9), and I'll be getting them all out of order. I guess I need to move to CD 2 for sleeping and put CD 1 in my car. The book seems great, by the way, from what I've heard!

So I spent the morning prepping my Federal Jurisdiction class--aka Fedjur--and now that it's over I can decompress. We talked a lot about sovereign immunity and a little about abstention. Abstention is my favorite Fedjur topic, which seems a bit absurd. What is so thrilling about not doing things (in this case, federal courts not exercising jurisdiction)? It's exciting to me because of the way themes about federalism and judicial restraint are presented, which might not work as an explanation to anyone outside of the field of federal jurisdiction as a basis for excitement.

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