February 19, 2004

Forget Whole Foods, what about Pure Foods? Speaking of Atkins-ing, there's this new development:
In Southern California, two entrepreneurs (and Atkins dieters) last month opened the first two in a chain of low-carb supermarkets called Pure Foods, and individual low-carb markets are opening nationwide....

Cathryn Kennedi, 42, had gone to Pure Foods in Santa Monica, Calif., to pick up low-carb bagels, pasta and cereal (made with soy protein instead of flour). Like others at the store, she said she did not think she needed to lose weight. Still, she said, "I think there's some truth to not grabbing carbs. I feel more energy when I eat low-carb.

"I've been eating healthy for a long time, but when you get home from work, the things you grab are all carbs," she said. "The easiest thing is to grab a bagel. If they can make it easy to grab one that's low-carb, it's more convenient."
Have you noticed that people don't "eat" food anymore, they "grab" it? Well, if we were only grabbing food items, we really wouldn't have this weight problem, would we?

Of course, the cutting-edge Californians who shop at Pure Foods don't even need to lose weight. They just Atkins for "health" and "energy."

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