January 21, 2004

"We're going to South Carolina and Oklahoma and Arizona and North Dakota and New Mexico. We're going to California and Texas and New York!"

How about Wisconsin? Our primary is February 19th. After the first few, it seems Dean just started naming the most obvious states.

I finally saw a TV ad here in Wisconsin for one of the candidates. It was for Wesley Clark. After the part in the end when he does the obligatory this-is-my-ad thing, he stares into the camera with those Etruscan eyes. The eyes stare for a few seconds. No, no, General Clark, that's abnormal, everyone needs you to blink. Then he blinks, once, a bit slowly, like a ventriloquist dummy:
"I never forgot a segment from the Paul Winchell show, wherein Jerry and Knucklehead were sitting at the big desk, gavel in hand. Poor Knucklehead had an inferiority complex -- he was bemoaning the fact that Jerry had 'real' hair, whereas his was only painted on. He was also jealous of the fact that Jerry had moveable eyelids and he didn't! Also, Jerry had a higher position than he did. Knucklehead was really complaining and feeling sorry for himself, and Jerry was generously trying to bolster him up. Hilarious! I never forgot it!"

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