January 30, 2004

So Nina got Tonya and me to start blogging, and Tonya thinks she was blog-empted by my post about bad eBay spelling, and Nina's blogging about the NYT article about the horrible germ infestation of the common kitchen sponge, which I was this close to blogging about. But dialogue--diablog--is possible. Just as the internet teems with misspellings and the kitchen teems with bacteria, so there is room for all to blog all they want about about spelling and sponges.

Read Tonya's discussion of the NAACP's giving an "Image Award" to the Dave Matthew's Band for its "dignified representation of people of color"--including lots of comments gleaned from fan sites ("DMB has the most obsessed, devoted, protective, over-analytical and hyper-critical fanbase in the music industry").

Check out Nina's blog too: she neatly connects the horrible sponge to the Oscar race, which is the kind of connection blogs live for.

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