January 21, 2004

So Gordon asks if I'm really going to Tivo American Idol, but the real question is what do you do on Wednesday when "The Apprentice" is on? Do you have to watch one show--shudder--live, while Tivoing the other? I'm not sure I much like either of these shows, but watching them is preparation for reading the wonderful Television Without Pity recaps:
Donny explains that the aim here is "big ideas." He wants them to do it -- you guessed it -- "out of the box." I'm surprised no one ever says, "I want you to think inside the box. Just your average basic good job, that's what I'm looking for." I mean, honestly, there are advantages to the box. How do you think it got to be the box?
"Venturpreneur" reminds me ever so slightly of "Versacorp."

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