January 22, 2004

So did I watch The Apprentice live, interlaced with TiVo'd American Idol during the commercials, in some sort of ultimate trash TV experience? Why, yes, I did.

Future American Idol contestants might benefit from playing this video game, described in the NYT:
In Revolution, you sing along with a pop song into a microphone; your score is determined by your ability to match the singer note for note in a rendition of "Girls Just Want to Have Fun" or "Every Morning." Your virtual representative stands on a gaudy stage before an audience that will cheer and clap in time if you sing well or boo you off the stage if you hit too many sour notes.
"Revolution" is not to be confused with "Wild Divine," described in the same article:
Throughout the game, you encounter obstacles that can only be conquered through the power of the mind. Breathe evenly, and a magical stairway will appear; relax, and a door will open to reveal a roomful of belly dancers. In one of the most interesting of the game's challenges, you must synchronize your heart with your breath in order to awaken a woman who will slowly open her eyes and begin to rise as you approach your ideal body state, but will go back to sleep if you lose control.

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