January 15, 2004

I've got a feeling that Hepburn/Tracy movie was "State of the Union". Frank Capra directed. Shameful! Some drivel about running for President.

Our local free tabloid, The Isthmus, has a nice set of columns comparing the Democratic candidates for President.

Hmmm.... "Little known fact: at 59, Wesley Clark has only 5% body fat."

Christopher asks, "Should it be Wesley Clark is 5% body fat?"

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Icepick said...

"Should it be Wesley Clark is 5% body fat?"

Only if you consider that Wesley Clark is only the constituent components and not the whole. He would also be all the experiences he's had, the beliefs he holds, the personality he has, the habits, et cetera. Wesley Clark's BODY is 5% body fat. Actually I would wonder (but not enough to look it up) if the 'body' in 'body fat' is redundant in any of these constructions.

More pertinent: Were we really considering a President WESLEY? WTF was THAT about?