January 28, 2004

I love Jeremy Freese's cool, colorful pie charts depicting what he should be doing instead of blogging and what he actually would be doing instead of blogging.

By the way, if anyone ever feels inclined to think I'm spending too much time blogging, I'd like to assure them that I'd be watching TV passively, instead of watching it and writing about it, and reading things passively, instead of reading and writing about it. Well, maybe not entirely passively, in that I would entertain a few thoughts about what I was taking in, hazard a comment if anyone is around, and occasionally email a link to someone with a comment. Hence, the exciting transition to blogging.

One thing about blogging, though, is that you do think of a lot of things in terms of blogging. You scan the paper looking for the bloggable. You hear a snippet of conversation or see a stray sign and think of blogging it. I seriously considered blogging the topic of email spam that uses the word "hi" as the subject line and what that is doing to my sense of trust in humanity. But I do exercise some restraint.

Go read Jeremy's blog.

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