January 15, 2004

I hope for the best for Spalding Gray.

On one of the cable news channels this morning, they went to commercial with a teaser for an update about him, but they printed his name as "Spalding Gary."

Yet you'd think they'd be all over this story. A celebrity is missing. Sometimes just being missing is enough to make you a celebrity. Perhaps it is just too complicated to explain to the audience who Spalding Gray is--complicated compared to showing picture of a smiling young woman like Elizabeth Smart or Laci Peterson, for whom the picture is the explanation.

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Icepick said...

A forlorn, hope, sadly.

As is hoping to get a decent conversation going about the Chick-fil-A stuff. Really, that's hopeless. We've got separate issues going that both provoke passionate responses - gay marriage and free speech, with just a dash of religious liberty thrown in for seasoning. Add to that a very powerful protest in the form of a mass buycott, followed by a lame protest of a kiss-in. Add to THAT lame media coverage, a stupid act of vandalism, rather nasty behavior by Teh Gays (really, the treatment of that homeless guy in Chicago was just revolting), and there's just nothing worth discussing. Especially given that we're in Stupid Season, also know as Presidential Election Year. I'm frankly surprised that you tried, but then living freely through writing can't always work out well. (Because nothing ever does - trite but true. By appending that last clause I've doubled down on the triteness. But then I've upped the level of insignificance so greatly by commenting HERE that my triteness can probably survive the ages unnoticed. Woohoo! Smallness shielded by insignificance! I think that's how the mammals survived the extinction event that doomed the dinosaurs, or something.)

Which gets me to the graffiti vandalism - lame. Complaining about it - lamer. Complaining about the complaints - useless.

But not as useless as THIS comment! I feel very accomplished right now. Peace out, Professor, and don't let the idiots get you down!